3 devious divorce tricks your spouse may be using on you



Not every divorce is mutually initiated as it is often one person who is the unhappy party in the marriage.

Sometimes, this individual has had an affair or decided to end the marriage long before they inform the spouse of their intention.

This gives them time to plan the financial aspects of the divorce in a premediated manner.

Well, it can suffice to say that this is extremely unfair to the aggrieved spouse, so we reveal some devious tactics they may attempt during your divorce.

1. Tailing you or hacking your computer

If a spouse suspects you’re cheating on them, they may be spying on you or even hiring someone to do so. Additionally, some tend to track your finances by hacking your phone or laptop. Your best bet is to play it safe and not indulge in any incriminating activity at this time. You can also have a technician check your devices to ensure they have not been tampered with.

2. Shopping excessively to amass debts

One would assume that saving money and securing it would be a priority but some spouses tend to run up debts that are connected to the couple’s joint account. They may even purchase jewellery for their lover or gifts for their friends. This ensures that they get all they assets or jewellery that they need but that you must collectively pay off the debt. Not only is this strategy underhand and unethical, but it is usually employed by the man or woman just before they file for divorce. They get the element of surprise in this instance.

3. Concealing money or savings

When living together is the dream, you probably openly share your finances with your spouse and have joint savings. However, when contemplating a split, the dream changes and you wish to protect yourself before your spouse. Therefore, in such cases, some people tend to conceal their savings and hide away money. It could be as simple as purchasing assets in the name of other to having offshore accounts with cash stashed away.

If you suspect your spouse has devised any of these tactics, you may speak to your attorney about your legal options to move ahead with your divorce.

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