4 ways to negotiate salary after a job offer



More than what most realise, negotiating your salary discussion after the hiring process is very important.

If they are offering you less than your standard, then you should always negotiate your salary with them.

And one needs to do this quite skillfully, without seeming entitled and egoistic.

Here are some ways to negotiate your salary effectively.

1. Do your research

It is always a good idea to research the market average salary for your job role. Don’t jump at the offer just as it’s on the table. Provide a range that caters to your job role and responsibilities.

2. Know your worth

If you have a certain number of experienced years under your belt, with some added value of skill sets, then you can command a certain level of salary. Since you will be bringing a lot to the table, your professional value will automatically increase.

3. Go beyond your base salary

Don’t let your base salary define you. And don’t negotiate your salary depending on what your previous salary used to be. That’s a big mistake most people make. Always go for a salary range that provides you with a wider perspective.

4. Know when to turn an offer down

If your hiring manager isn’t able to tend to the salary range you have provided them, after carefully considering your value and job role, then know that it’s time to turn that interview down. Know your value and wait for the right job role.

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