Faith Nketsi opens up on how she met her hubby, Nzuzo




Faith Nketsi recently took to her social media to reveal some details about her relationship.

The star said that her hubby Nzuzo had her at hello.

In a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories, a follower asked Faith how she met Nzuzo.

Faith said she met him through her best friend, Kim Kholiwe.

Kim and Nzuzo were acquaintances, and Faith said her friend mentioned Nzuzo liked her.

“It was definitely by default. He would tell her that he liked me. Kim told me once in passing and we moved on. When he finally got the chance to talk to me himself without really saying that much, I melted at the way he looked at me. Then all was history after that night,” she wrote.

The couple has been doing the most since they tied the knot and many of their fans are happy for them.


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