Lady Du advices upcoming artists


Lady Du pens down a message to upcoming artists on how to survive in the industry and how to channel their way.

The singer says she’s speaking to them as someone who has been active in the entertainment industry since age 10.

She urges them to avoid being under pressure and also live a real life.

“Please do me a favour, when you want to make it in the industry, be informed, take this job as a nine to 5 don’t be under pressure to look certain way, dress a certain way. It’s ok to just look clean and simple, it’s ok not to own luxury items, till you can afford them and still have a banging bank balance,” she wrote.

“Start with things that will make you wealthy aside from the industry, when you know you can sit at home doing nothing and still get paid then you can go ahead and do what you want. I’m not telling you how to spend your money I’m asking that you not look at the lives lived on socials and think life is easy!!!!! Pressure is a silent killer.

“Share 20% of your life on socials and live 80% of it. You’ll never see a perfect hustle on my time line I do everything myself with the help of my team! Every single thing you see is genuine no edits!!!! Real is way more affordable,” she concluded.

Followers applauded her for the piece of advice as it was needed and timely.

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