What is helicopter parenting and does it really benefit your child?



There are many styles of parenting that you may take on to monitor the growth and development of your little one.

While some parents may choose to be more involved, there will be some who let their kids make mistakes and learn from them.

Should you be wondering which style may suit you best, then read on to know more about a highly debated style known as helicopter parenting.

We spell out the benefits and drawbacks of this approach to help you with your decision.

The nuances of helicopter parenting

Helicopter parenting is an approach where the mom or dad is extremely involved in their child’s life. In case you’re wondering about the origins of the name of this parenting style, this is when parents hover over their kids akin to helicopters. They would do all they can to be supportive of every project, every task and every endeavour that their ward takes on. This includes taking a sneak peek over your son’s shoulder as he does his homework or assisting your daughter with her science project. This is a very hands-on approach where parents never let their kids explore activities or study independently.

This can be reassuring for the mum and dad as they can be sure their child is doing well or is safe and unhurt as they constantly hover over them. However, it is not as productive for the offspring.

The downside of this parenting style

Often times parents fear free-range parenting may allow their child too become too independent too soon. And they see helicopter parenting as a way to banish the obstacles and hurdles in their ward’s path long before they face them. While your kid may be saved from hurt and disappointment, what some parents don’t realise is that small failures early in life can also build character. They can hone a child’s approach to making mistakes and help them retake a test with determination or redo a task till they are triumphant.

Having everything handed to them may make them spoiled children and sore losers who never grasp the importance of hard work. The negative consequences of helicopter parenting long-term can be as damaging as low self-esteem as they are unable to manage aspects of their life without parental support. So, perhaps you must think about the kind of person you want your child to be someday and opt for a parenting approach that can help them grow into determined, conscientious and kind young adults.