These 5 zodiac signs make empty promises and shouldn’t be trusted



Promises are meant to be kept. It is an ode to trust and loyalty.

Breaking a promise not only means that you’ve broken a person’s trust but also, have made it difficult for them to trust other people as well.

It’s easy to make a promise but it is ten times harder to keep one. You should stay away from people who have the tendency to make empty promises and not keep them at all.

To help you figure out, here are 5 zodiac signs who make empty promises and can’t be trusted at all.

1. Aquarius

They make a promise just to get what they want. And after they have accomplished their true desire, they won’t look back at the people who made it possible. Aquarians can get really selfish regarding this. It is advisable to not trust an Aquarian’s words easily.

2. Gemini

They have a very flaky personality. They can turn on you one second and then appear to be very sweet and nice, the next. Geminis fake making promises the most. Since they already have a lot to do, they just can’t take on additional responsibilities of keeping a promise.

3. Pisces

They find it very difficult to say no. they make promises, but are unable to keep them because they feel very overwhelmed with the amount of work they already have on their plate. Their inability to say no and not keep promises either makes them untrustworthy.

4. Libra

They are always looking for validation. They have a constant need to please people. But when it comes to keeping promises, they fall behind. They fear getting into trouble after making big promises. But that’s just how they are.

5. Sagittarius

They only want to look good in front of everyone. They try to keep their word but it gets difficult for them because it’s too much than they ask for. They are focused much more on their own needs than others.

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