3 crucial tips for wooing a widow or widower



There was once a great stigma around dating or marrying a widow or widower. However, that was eons ago and this isn’t the case any longer.

But there still exists a lack of sensitivity on the best way to approach new love with someone who has tragically lost a partner.

Not only must you be gentle when asking out a widow (er) but, you must also be prepared to accept their past along with welcoming your future together.

So, take a look at crucial tips you must be aware of for wooing a widow or widower.

1. Be supportive and tender

One cannot imagine the trauma experienced on the demise of a husband or wife. So, you must realise that no matter whether they lost their spouse to an accident, the COVID pandemic, illness, a fire or even to substance abuse; the tragedy leaves a mark on the family. So, it is likely they have complex feelings for their departed spouse. This could be anything like a mixture of love, anger, sorrow or even hate.

It will take time for these feelings to depart and they may be present when you date. So, try to be supportive or them and do not expect a clean slate or no baggage.

2. Be mindful of triggers

If they have been physically or sexually abused by a past lover, they may still have PTSD about the issue. In such cases there may be topics or behaviors that act as triggers. These can be mentally disturbing to them, so make sure to sidestep these to give them a pleasant dating experience.

3. Don’t let insecurities creep in

Whether you have had a marriage of your own or been single before you meet them, remember that they have lived a full life before losing their partner. Nevertheless, they chose you to be their date, so be respectful of their past love, but do not be insecure because of their departed partner. Do not think about whether they will love you as much as they loved their last husband.

Furthermore, do not worry about their children not accepting you, your only duty is to be a secure and confident partner they can lean on as you live your lives together.