Inno Morolong set for a second plastic surgery




Inno Morolong has announced she is getting ready for her second plastic surgery.

Earlier this year, the star got herself a new body worth R200 000.

She’s made headlines last year over undergoing surgery for a new body, and she’s finally unveiled the body a few weeks ago.

Well, Inno wants another plastic surgery, because she’s allegedly getting pressurised by new girls getting new body, who might take jobs from her and other influencers.

It is rumoured that Sandton Dolls are now furious and want to show the other Girls that they are a big deal also.

She says: “The procedure will lift up my breasts and also suck out some fats from my arms. I want to look like a dull. I want to be comfortable in my body. I’m tired of being fat. I want to be in shape. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being fat bit I want to be shaped like a dull,” she said.



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