3 love tips to avoid choosing the wrong person for you



The dating world is full of love, heartbreak and bitterness but also endless possibilities.

Yet, the most common response to a breakup or finding out that your feelings aren’t reciprocated is that ‘there are many fish in the sea’.

While this may be true, you may have a tendency to choose the wrong person for you.

If you have been having dating difficulties, use this guide to avoid choosing the wrong person.

1. Set strong boundaries and observe how they are received

Too many people sacrifice their ethics and their personal space for someone they love. The truth remains that every individual has boundaries, so you must convey them to your date in clear terms. Be it a no-kissing rule, or getting home by 11 at night or even a fear of dancing in public; however bizarre your boundaries may be, don’t shy away from communicating them. You must then see how they are received. The wrong person will try to force you to push your boundaries. A good date will respect them and love you all the more.

2. Test how they respond to you when you’re in a crisis

Life is not a bed of roses and there will be frequent instances where you’re in a personal or professional crisis. A good partner will offer you help and support while you struggle. But you know the person is wrong for you if they start to avoid your calls or even behave cross or exasperated that you turn to them in times of need.

3. Think back on how you really feel around them

Books and movies may tell you that you feel butterflies in your tummy when you’re in love. And you should be restless without them. However, true love in reality feels quite different. Many believe that your soulmate is someone you should feel safe and secure with. Moreover, rather than being anxious and nervous, you should feel calm around. So, think back to how you feel when you dine with them or walk through the park with your beau.

Feelings of being emotionally safe and happy are indicators that let you know you may have met the one for you. Though if you feel anxious or frightened around them, you may be with the wrong date.

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