“I managed to escape” – Inno Morolong on her horrible car accident




Inno Morolong is grateful for her life after surviving a tragic car accident.

The car crash almost took her life as she narrated she was on her way home to Welkom in Free State on Saturday afternoon when she was involved in the car crash that left her hospitalised.

Inno said she lost control of the car because of a pothole.

“I was involved in a horrible accident. My car is a write-off.  I am badly hurt. I almost lost an eye. I am in pain. My whole body, my arm even my speech is not fine.

“I was in Johannesburg going home to the Free State on Saturday. I thank God I didn’t die. I managed to escape. The car was already in flames. I managed to unlock it. I couldn’t see anything because I was bleeding from my eye. I managed to get my phone. Everything is burnt. All my travel bags, everything that belongs to me is burnt,” she said.

The socialite told TshisaLIVE she got out in the nick of time.

“The smoke was coming out while I was still inside. I managed to escape. People got there when it was too late because I lost everything in that car that was valuable but I thank God for my life,” she said.

Video clips of a car burning have made rounds on social media with tweeps claiming it was the car the star was driving.

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