Dineo Ranaka – “I abandoned love and marriage to set myself free”


Dineo Ranaka is excited as she’s currently living the life she earnestly yearned for.

The radio personality said she worked for it and she has to dump love and marriage to get the freedom she deserves.

Taking to Instagram, she captioned a video of herself performing at a gig with a lengthy note about her life.

“I prayed for this life. Then I worked hard for it. Now I’m living it. I’ve only just begun… to play like a machine, to share stages with phenomenal people, to make people happy, to move people’s souls, to work smart, to work hard, to network, to move like the water that I am, to adapt, to truly show my fans appreciation, to reinvent, to be valued, to be respected, to live and to love this entertainment thing,” she wrote.

“I had to abandon love and marriage to set myself free from the chains of severe unhappiness disguised as a “happy marriage” … I had to silently battle against every bone in me that wanted to stay; my spirit needed to be set free, my face needed to smile, my soul needed rest from the ridicule, the hurt, the turmoil, the anger, the sadness, the disappointment. A risk worth taking! I feel so alive, I feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated (by me!), I feel good both mentally and spiritually. My gosh, I feel young, successful, and free! Successful in the personal sense. I’m successful in choosing life in aloneness, in comparison to death in false happiness,” she added.

In conclusion, Dineo says she’s thankful for her emotional and mental health.


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