4 things that can turn off men and put an end to a relationship



Dating isn’t as easy as a cakewalk! There are a lot of things you need to do to keep the relationship going happily.

Hurdles or fights are a part of every relationship but turn-offs are a real thing that often comes once you step through major red flags set by an individual.

Right from gossiping to entering into a man’s personal space- certain habits are totally a bummer for a man and can completely turn off their vibe while putting an end to your relationship.

If you’re a woman who is absolutely new to this whole dating concept, then you might be looking for all the signs of caution while navigating the world of love.

So, to always be on the side of win-win while scoring your men’s heart, here are 4 things that should never do as it can easily turn any man off.

1. Acting stupid

If you believe that acting dumb can take you close to a man and make you look all cute in his eyes, then let us tell you, ladies, men hate women who are slow on the uptake. Men always look for women who have witty brains or at atleast have the speed to catch up with any notion. Healthy men are always fascinated by confident, contented, and smart women. A real man wants to compliment and appreciate your brilliance more than anything in this world. So, keep working on yourself and be your brilliant self if you don’t want your man to fall out of love.

2. Fakeness

When it comes to faking in a relationship, it does only relate to intimacy! Faking your vibes, words or pretending to be other is something that can kill the vibe of your man, bum them and can even end your relationship. A secure man will be alright even if you do not agree with him on everything. He will never force you to become the version that he likes because he understands that a real version is worth more than a fake one. Moreover, how can you be in a real relationship with a man when you are not even in a genuine relationship with yourself?

3. So-called-drama

Are you dramatic? Do you overreact to every small situation? Do you often make a small issue a scene to remember? If yes, then a real man hates that shit. Men are practical and they usually find those women attractive who master the art of emotional intelligence. Men are far away from the drama or games when they are actually in love. So, if you are looking for a long-term relationship with your man say toodles to the melodramatic you and never find ways to make yourself the centre of attention.

4. Constantly complaining

If you don’t want your man to lose interest in you then you should go with the rule of thumb in a relationship “good communication.” Instead of complaining about what you don’t want, try seeking another way and say “what exactly you want.” Never be confused about your feelings or picking things as men don’t like such types of things. Men like women who are happy and content with themselves. Complaining about small things point out that you are not happy with yourself.

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