5 unruly attitudes that can keep a woman single forever



Have you ever wondered why most ladies who are of marriageable age are single despite being attractive and elegant?

The reason for this phenomenon can sometimes be traced to lifestyles or attitudes they exhibit that scare guys away.

I am not saying every case of singlehood in women can be attributed to this factor, however; studies have shown that most singleness can be related to it.

Below are traits that can keep a vast majority of men from having an affectionate relationship with a lady.

1. Being proud and rude

Having a boastful attitude due to an economical advantage is an attitude that might scare men away from you. The average African man wants to be respected and valued by their woman – and seeing a woman who tends to possess the opposite value might discourage them from advancing with their relationship intentions. In addition, disregarding others, especially the elderly; will draw the resentment of others towards you, most especially guys.

2. Bitterness or always keeping a negative countenance

I understand you might not be in a good mood due to an unpleasant situation, but allowing the situation to reflect anger in your countenance isn’t going to help in any way, rather; it will make others perceive you as being toxic and resentful. Studies have shown that ladies who always maintain a cheerful countenance are considered to be more attractive than ladies who don’t. Always keeping a negative face might reveal you to be bitter, resentful and unattractive to men.

3. Possessing poor hygiene

This is another factor that can heavily affect the relationship status of most ladies. Being untidy in your appearance, and outfit and possessing poor oral hygiene can chase guys away from you, most especially the hygiene conscious ones. Having a poor sense of hygiene or smelling awful as a mature lady shows irresponsibility, unaccountability and laziness, and most guys do not want to be associated with these qualities.

4. Promiscuity

The attitude of keeping numerous romantic affairs is a practice that can discourage most guys from approaching a lady. In most men’s opinion, ladies of this sort are irresponsible, untrustworthy and cannot be committed to a single relationship, hence; guys tend to refrain from having a serious and promising relationship with them.

5. The excessive demands for money

Being in the habit of always demanding money from a guy, especially to satisfy frivolous desires will reduce or completely affect their interest in you. Ladies who are of this habit of perpetually relying on a guy for everything they need are oftentimes regarded to be irresponsible and are considered a threat to a man’s financial goals, hence; they are most likely avoided.

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