Duncan – “I now charge R1700 per word for a feature”


Duncan announces the amount he now charges for a feature.

Taking to Twitter, the musician said he will be charging per word which will cost R1700.

“Public Announcement: DUNCAN SKUVA now charges 1,700 RAND per word for a feature. Thank you Goodluck,” he wrote.

A tweep assumed he was joking with the announcement, but Duncan said he means business.

He also said the price is unnegotiable.

“If you try to negotiate I will go straight to police station and open a case against you for trying to force me to change my mind,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the rapper is set to release a new song which was teased on his Twitter account yesterday. The title of the unreleased single is “Incwadi Yezono” featuring Nhalanhla Mhlongo.

Check it out below:

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