Lasizwe opens up on why he unfollowed his sister, Khanyi Mbau




Lasizwe has open up on the reason he unfollowed his half-sister Khanyi Mbau.

The star made it known via an Instagram Live session on Friday 13 May.

The siblings share the same father, taxi boss Menzi Mcunu and they are quite close.

Khanyi and Lasizwe unfollowed each other on Instagram which led many to believe that something went down between them.

However, Lasizwe revealed that he unfollowed Khanyi because she did not engage with his content. The South African verified that Lasizwe and Khanyi were not following each other on Instagram at the time of publishing.

“She said your content does not speak to me. I am sometimes petty, if you are following me like my content and comment the same I am going to like your content and comment, so I was like dude you  will follow me when you like something on my page and when my content speaks to you,” said Lasizwe

The social media personality admitted that he learnt his lesson and if Khanyi did not expose him, it could have been worse.

This was after South African singer Nandi Madida asked him if he would have came clean about his home, if Khanyi did not call him out.

“Okay, to be honest, if Khanyi didn’t call me out, (laughs). But lesson learnt, for me. You know journalists, they investigate and it would’ve spiralled out of control and I’d look way worse. Thank you so much for calling me out,” he said.





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