4 reasons why you should maintain a food journal



A lot of us want to kickstart start the new year with the intention of bettering our health. This improvement frequently begins with a change in diet.

A food diary can be an extremely helpful tool in this process. A food journal is a tool for keeping track of what you eat and drink throughout the day.

In addition to logging specific foods and beverages, you can keep track of how much you ate.

Regardless, there are several reasons why you should start keeping a food diary right away; here are four of them.

1. It can help you in losing weight

Keeping a journal can be a very effective tool to help change behaviour for people who want to lose weight. By tracking what you eat on a daily basis, you can begin to eliminate certain foods from your diet. A food journal can tell you if you’re sticking to your diet plan and if it’s working. It will direct you toward making the necessary dietary changes that will help you lose weight.

2. It leads to self-awareness

Maintaining a food journal leads you to become self-aware. You will be amazed and astounded to see what you eat on a daily basis if you write down everything you feed your body. And having this awareness will make you more wary every time you consume something you know is bad for your health.

3. It will keep you on a track

Your food journal can become your record tracker. Your food diary can actually help you see food in a whole new light. It’s one of the most compelling reasons to start a food diary right now. Food journals can help you keep track of what you eat and drink, as well as understand your eating habits and food sensitivities. They can include the type and quantity of food you consume, when and where you consume it, and how you feel during each meal.

4. It aids you in determining the source of your problems

Your diary must tell the truth in order to succeed. We frequently experience physical symptoms of restlessness, such as stomach pain, headache, and so on. Sometimes the source of these issues is the food we eat. Because your food journal has already been keeping track of your eating habits, determining the source of the sickness becomes much easier.

Keeping a food journal can be very insightful and beneficial to your health. Using your food journal data, you can make smart changes and continue to track your progress toward a healthy lifestyle.