“Boity saved my life” – Prince Moabi





Musician Prince Moabi has revealed that he is grateful to rapper Boity for saving his life.

The young Prince has been battling Covid-19 since it hit South Africa.

He has been left with no money to pay his bills and has even thought of suicide.

Well, Boity has come to his rescue and helped him keep his head above the water.

Taking to Daily Sun, Prince Moabi said: “Things have been so hard for me and this has affected me because I can’t pay my bills. I can’t even get gigs. I’m struggling and I’m battling depression”

He went on to reveal that he met Boity while shooting a cameo on axed e.tv soapie Rhythm City in 2019.

“This lady has a beautiful heart. She has been helping me where she can and sending me food vouchers and transport money”

“If it wasn’t for Boity, my life would have been something else. I am suicidal at the time and I have cut my body before to feel better”

He also said Boity has even bought him clothes and she was a mother to him in the industry.

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