The most in-demand jobs on LinkedIn this year



Whether you are looking to get back into the workforce or want to invest your talents in a new area, this data is designed to help you find an available path in confusing times.


This information can be useful for people looking to refine their skills and enhance their qualifications to stay prepared for the year ahead.

1. Marketing analyst

The one who interprets research about a company’s customers and their buying habits.

2. Phlebotomist

These are professionals that work in medical labs, take blood samples from patients and label them with their informations.

3. Bookkeepers

They are the ones who help business owners and their companies track money that has been earned and spent.

4. Project specialist

They work with staff members to help oversee assigned projects by the company.

5. Veterinarians

They are the ones who treat the injured and ill animals. They use medical tools and x-tray machines to diagnose and treat the animals.

6. Warehouse specialists

These folks supervise the shipping and receiving of materials and products. They not only organise the storage area, they also monitor the inventory.

7. Business Development Specialist

They analyze business processes, implement business plans, try to optimize the marketing strategies and establish effective networks.

8. SAP consultants

These folks evaluate, design, and configure computer systems and software to meet the needs of their employer or client.

9. Cake decorators

A fast rising profession indeed, the job of a cake decorator is to design and decorate cakes as per the customers’ specifications. They have to keep in mind the established bakery standards.


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