It is great that you can have one night stand sex but there 5 extremely common mistakes that people tend to make.

Note these 5 points down that have been shared by people who have experienced the drama!

1. Expectations

If you keep expectations from a one night stand episode then you must know that it is one the stupidest mistakes you are making. If something is to come out of it, it will. Expectations simply hurt you more so why do it? Approach a one night stand as a one time thing.

2. Sleeping with married folks

They look attractive, have an aura you cannot resist, but sex with a married man or woman is nothing but trouble half the time! You later feel guilty or their partner turns up at your doorstep and also remember that Karma does exist!

3. Not using protection

Not taking precautions is a huge mistake. Make sure you are with someone who is hygienic, use a condom and take no drugs. Unprotected sex is never encouraged by anyone.

4. No preparation

By prepping we mean keeping a condom handy. It is not only the man’s job to carry a condom. It is you on the receiving end so you too should always have a backup. Also, if you can, keep a water-based lubricant with you.

5. Hopping from one stand to another

A one night stand should not be so common that you find yourself hopping from one to another, whether it is a man or a woman. Besides contracting sexual diseases, you are depriving yourself from a heart and mind connection, ignoring your own emotions. Also, remember, that this one night of great sex is not love!

Try everything in life but make sure you are safe. There are many creepy people out there too, especially in today’s time. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this article, we advise that you check the area where you are doing it. It should be camera or bug free. Make sure no one is clicking pictures and do not drink or eat anything which you did not see being prepared in front of your eyes. Keep an SOS number on your speed dial and let a friend know about your whereabouts.