Here’s how mindfulness can enhance your experience with the world



As we wake up in the morning, we are often flooded with innumerable thoughts regarding pending tasks that needs completion.

In addition, most of us are guilty of using cell phones the first thing in the morning. It is said that mornings set the tone for the day, when you win the morning, you win the day.

A psychologist and a certified holistic health coach explaining how mindful waking is an excellent way of waking up.

Similarly, mindful walking is a practice of becoming fully aware of your surroundings and the way your body feels while moving. Read on to know more-

Mindful waking

Mindful waking increases energy, promotes awareness and sets you up to thrive in a given day. So, as soon as you wake up tune into your body and check your breathing, notice if you are breathing through your chest or abdomen? Feel your body rise and fall with each breath. Allow yourself to wake up slowly and completely. Avoid checking phone for any texts, mails or notifications. Make gratitude your first thought in the morning, think of one or two things you are thankful for and ask yourself ‘what is my motive for the day?’

Mindful walking

Walking is a great way of incorporating mindfulness. Walking is something we do every day and it is an automatic process, we rarely pay attention to the body movements associated with walking. So, as you begin, watch your breath and walk on a natural pace. Pay attention to the sensations of the body. How do your feet and arms feel? Does your body feel heavy or light? relaxed or tensed? Notice movement of your limbs and other parts of the body as you move. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the sensations of movement as many times as you need.

For few minutes notice the sounds, colours of nature and sense of smell around you, if you are barefoot then feel the grass and granules of sand touching your soles. Acknowledge the sensation without the need to think or have any judgement about the feeling. After 2-3 minutes slowly bring back your attention to the sensation of movement of your body. Mindful walking can be practiced anywhere, you just need someplace to walk.

The importance of mindfulness

Mindfulness means being aware and fully present in the ongoing moment. It teaches us the art of living in the present moment by avoiding judgement and by building a self- compassionate way of looking at oneself and others. We usually get entangled in our experiences without stepping back and looking objectively at what is happening. We get so engrossed in evaluation, planning and analysing that we fail to enjoy the present experience of life as it is.

We are on autopilot mode most of our day and eventually most of our lives. So, you may use these ways to enrich your life and make it more meaningful.