“I’m not dying,” Samthing Soweto speaks about his weight loss


Samthing Soweto dismisses hideous assumptions about what might have caused his drastic weight loss.

A few days ago, the singer got people shocked after sharing selfies of himself on social media.

It was assumed that he was battling an illness, and many reached out to him through emails and prayers as fans were worried.

In a video shared on Instagram, Samthing appreciated the love and concern received due to the weight loss.

He said he isn’t dying, but he’s going through a lot which is personal as he didn’t share or hint at the things.

Sam claimed that work and other daily activities get him exhausted and made him lose weight.

He further announced that new music is dropping soon.

“We are soooo sorry bro, we love and appreciate you sooo much man,” Lady Du reacted to the video.

Watch Samthing below:


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