K Naomi reflects on her marriage and relationships




K Naomi recently took to her social media to reflect on her marriage and relationships.

In her tweet, Naomi revealed that basic principles like respect, trust and loyalty should always come last.

The newlywed also shared that spending quality time and doing activities with your significant other is as important to build a stronger bond.

“I don’t think waking up next to your partner every day is enough. You guys need to actively do stuff together, such as dates, activities and so on. Things that will help you get to know your partner better and create a stronger bond between you two,” she tweeted.

Naomi said most people don’t value relationships and their partners because of a lack of respect.

“This generation is a ‘we keep it moving’ type of generation when it comes to love. They don’t take anything seriously. Material things and money matter the most and people really think they can always do better. Basic morals like trust, respect, and loyalty come last.

See tweet below:


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