Here’s how to know whether you have a toxic sister-in-law



Life in a large family can be a joyous ride, but it can also have a few dramatic moments.

Things are especially tricky if you happen to have married into such a family for this is when you have your fair share of woes particularly when it comes to your relationship with your sister-in-law.

In case you’re wondering if she’s been toxic for you, then read on for some indicators that may confirm your suspicions or disprove them.

1. She often spreads spicy gossip about you

No one loves a tattletale, yet this is precisely what she may be if you spot her using information she’s gleaned about you to shame you in front of your in-laws. This could be your phone conversations she’s overheard, a social media deep search that unearthed some wild images from your past or even things you confided in her. If your days are inundated with complaints she’s made about you, then you probably want to avoid her at the upcoming family function!

2. She seeks to control you and retrain you

No one likes to be told that they are doing things ‘all wrong’ all the time. Right from folding the laundry to cooking your spouse’s favorite dish a certain way, if your sister-in-law is criticising the way you do things, then it can get problematic. She may know more about your in-laws’ likes and dislikes but that is no reason for her to put you down all the time.

3. She always shows up unannounced with a barrage of advice

No one fancies uninvited guests all the time. You may appreciate your family keeping close with frequent visits, but if your sister-in-law stops over at odd hours, without prior notice, then it may interfere with your own plans. Some sisters-in-law even have a tendency to hijack your date night purely because she ‘doesn’t need an invitation to hangout with her brother’.

If you notice your sisters-in-law exhibiting a lot of the aforementioned traits, then there may trouble in your paradise, and you may have to address the bad behavior.

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