5 beauty benefits of eating green apples



We know that what we eat can have positive or negative results on our journey to being the best version of ourselves and that is why the main focus should be on eating healthy generally.

A fruit that has been underrated is the green apple. Many people don’t realize that they carry more than health benefits.

To convince you of their importance especially when it comes to skincare, here are some reasons why you need to pay more attention to these delicious fruits:

1. They help control breakouts

Everyone will have to deal with pimples every now and then. They can come more often if you have a skin condition like acne as well.

As you incorporate different ways of preventing and restoring your skin after a major breakout, you should add more green apples to your diet.

They help work on your skin from the inside out to reduce the frequency of breakouts.

2. They are an effective solution for premature ageing

As we grow older our skin starts to break down. It’s been exposed to so many elements and it’s natural for the quality of our skin to break down over time.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down the process to avoid premature ageing. There are a couple of antiaging foods you can add to your everyday life and that includes more green apples.

Green apples have a strong antiaging property like phenols, along with other great antioxidants and Vitamin C. Those fine lines and wrinkles will start to significantly reduce if you enjoy them more often.

3. They improve your skin overall

Putting in the effort to maintain healthy skin is important even when you don’t have a specific issue you’re dealing with.

Green apples help nourish, moisturize and heal your skin even as it adds nutritional benefits to your body.

You will start to notice that you have a much healthier complexion and the texture of your skin has started to improve when you eat them more often.

4. It helps strengthen hair

Having weak and brittle hair isn’t fun at all. This type of hair is very fragile and it’s more susceptible to common issues like hair fall and even hair loss.

Having green apples as part of your daily meals can protect your hair from these problems and generally improve the quality of your hair.

5. It’s a natural volumizer

Apples are a common ingredient in hair volumizers. They have these essential properties that can improve your hair and they promote a healthy scalp as well, which will then cause your hair to thrive.

They are also a natural way of dealing with dandruff and other scalp problems that can cause your hair to lose its vibrancy.

You can create your own hair masks with green apples but you should include them in your diet most importantly.