Blxckie reflects on his musical journey – Video




Blxckie has reflected on his musical journey right from the start.

The star recently announced a partnership with Redbat in celebration of his debut album B4Now as well as the ten plaques he received during that period.

Well, he is the hottest in town now and his fans are proud of him.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared a video launching his Redbat merch at the same time recounting his music journey from where it started as a dream.

“had to to take the @redbat.official team to the pozi so they can see where I came from, also got the chance to reminisce and visit some places I used to go to a kid. a kid still dreaming of where I am today. im so excited that it all worked out, sydenham heights all the time !” Wrote Blxckie.

Watch video below:

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