3 ways stress can mess with your menstrual cycle



Stress can have a devastating impact on your menstrual cycle.

Being in stress can cause an array of physical and mental health issues which may affect every aspect of your life.

The rise in cortisol level can cause many changes in the body and the mind which includes changes in menstruation.

A woman experiencing stress may skip her period altogether or suffer from an irregular cycle.  In detail we’ll explain how your monthly cycle can undergo a change due to stress.

Missed your period? It could be due to stress

Stress may stop your period, shorten the cycle, ‘lengthen’ the cycle or even delay it. The average period cycle is of 28 days. But, one who is stressed may have a cycle of less than even 20 days. Hypothalamus in the brain controls hormone levels. Being, highly stressed will make you miss one or even more periods. When a woman is stressed, the body produces cortisol. Depending on how the body reacts to stress, the cortisol may lead to delayed or light periods or no period at all amenorrhoea.

1. Stress can cause dysmenorrhoea or painful periods

Heavy bleeding and painful cramps may take a toll on one’s productivity and concentration at work.

2. Stress can cause heavy flow

You may also experience a heavy flow during the periods if you are stressed, and may be unable to do your daily activities with ease.

3. Stress can worsen PMS

Women who are stressed may also experience PMS symptoms more intensely. Abdominal pain, cramping and mood swings will also worsen.

“Working women are bound to be stressed owing to certain factors like irregular eating, sleeping, and working patterns. It is challenging for working women to maintain a good work-life balance and this can lower their productivity at work. Stress can also lead to negative changes in the menstrual cycle in a majority of women. Hence, working women need to be provided with a good workplace environment while they are menstruating,” says Dr Gupte.

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