Bianca tattoos late husband, Riky Rick on her hand (Video)


Bianca Naidoo tattoos the face of her late husband, Riky Rick on her hand.

Riky died on the 23rd of February 2022 after committing suicide after months and years of battling depression.

His passing has left many devastated and some persons honoured him by using the rapper’s photo as their social media display photo.

Bianca took it to another level as his wife by inking his face on her body.

The video revealing the tattoo has gone viral as it garnered the attention of netizens.

While people adored the beautiful gesture, a few others questioned if she isn’t going to be with another man.

Reactions are like:

”Aibo she’s too young wat if she will marry someone else in 5 years time from now.”

”So she won’t be having a boyfriend anymore.”

”I hope the next man she dates is matured enough to understand that Ricky was her soul mate and will always be part of her life”

However, Bianca hints at not re-marrying as she retains a ring emoji and eternity sign beside Riky’s name on her Instagram bio.

Watch the video of the tattoo below:

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