5 reasons why married men don’t wear wedding rings



This article may upset the ‘lovey dovey’ women, the ones who believe wedding rings must be worn at all times after the marriage ceremony is long over.

On the other hand, this article may simultaneously excite newly married men (among others) who can’t wait to take their wedding bands off.

And for those of you who aren’t sure how you’ll react, well…just read on and see which way you’ll sway.

1. Wrong size

If the ring is a very loose fit then the man’s probably going to lose the ring. If it’s a very tight fit then wedding-ring dermatitis would probably happen after a few months. Of course there’s usually the recommendation to re-size the ring…but seriously, who ever gets round to doing that after the wedding ceremony?

2. Discomfort

Apart from irritation, it may just feel like extra weight (‘yeah right’ I hear the ladies say). For hands-on type of men it would be in the way if, for instance, you’re a gym instructor and you lift weights which result in blisters from the extra friction.

3. Carelessness

Some men take off their rings each time they’re taking a shower or participating in sports or doing the dishes. Such men may genuinely forget to put their rings back on. Where such rings become missing, the men will buy a replacement…when hell freezes over.

4. Choice

Dear women, believe it or not but there are men out there who never took a liking to wearing any piece of jewelry whatsoever. Not every man is ‘down with the bling’. Conservative types tend to think it’s all a bit flashy. In some dodgy parts of the world an expensive-looking ring is an invitation to armed robbers (and if the ring is too tight when they apprehend you, that finger may get chopped off).

5. Infidelity

Introducing the dreaded word no married woman wants to hear. No woman wants to marry a player. But if a man is not happy in his marriage, bored, feeling inadequate, overly curious, finally getting a close encounter with this childhood crush…or worse still, he’s a sexaholic, then I think his wedding ring would be coming on and off more times than the lingerie of a high-end stripper (I’m just saying…).

Okay, okay, this is a scary topic for some but there’s no need for women to fear. Now you’ve got your checklist so hopefully there should be a lesser chance of any unpleasant surprises. And if you’re religious pray, for God’s sake PRAY!

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