5 things couples should focus on for healthy s*xual intimacy



Most couples don’t focus on the importance of sexual intimacy in a relationship.

While emotional intimacy is regarded as the highest need among couples, sexual well-being is equally vital.

A couple should always balance their sexual needs, fantasies and expectations according to each other.

Here are a few things a couple should focus on for healthy sexual intimacy.

1. Make it clear what you want

Sex is all about what you want in bed. So, assuming that your partner knows that isn’t the right way to go. Make it clear to each other what is it that excites you in bed. And when you communicate your desires and fantasies to each other, then sex automatically becomes sexier!

2. Don’t put pressure on each other

Giving pressure on your partner about performing better or looking good doesn’t work during sex. It will only put you off more. Play your part and try to sexualise yourself more. Tune into your body and sensuality, so that your partner also loves it.

3. Prioritise intimacy time

Often, amidst the hustle and bustle of busy life, couples forget to spend time together in bed or are simply tired to do so. But, prioritising such intimate time together can make a big difference. It will teach you and your partner why cuddling or having sex is as important as saying, ‘I love you’.

4. Don’t be in a hurry

Never be in a hurry to climax. It’s a big turn-off. Go slow. Try foreplay because it can be very sensual and arousing. Your partner will love it if you discover and pay attention to sensitive parts of their body that ooze desire and sensuality. Don’t rush, ever.

5. Change is alright

Have you recently noticed if your partner is not initiating sex enough? Probably, they aren’t in a mood to do it, or maybe they are just waiting for you to initiate? There may be mood changes often, during sex but it’s completely alright. Learn to initiate sex or cuddle time by yourself.

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