5 ways to incorporate honey in your skincare routine



When you walk down the memory lane, you’ll realise how honey was a vital ingredient in homemade recipes to aid common cough and cold.

Now, I’m fully aware about the polarity towards the natural sweetener; while some loved it (and still do), some just couldn’t stand it.

However, no matter what category you belong to, elevating your beauty game is something each one of us aspire to do, right?

Honey has so much more to offer than you know. A lot more than soothing an irritated throat, for sure.

Did you know – honey tops the DIY ingredient list for many celebrities? Listed below are 5 ways to use honey in your skincare routine.

1. An anti-acne treatment

When I say anti-acne, I’m not referring to it as a magical potion that disappears your acne. But, honey is packed with enough goodness – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, antioxidants and amino acids – to heal the active zits faster sans any discomfort or potential damage. You must know that honey’s antibacterial property isn’t effective on P. acne (propionibacterium acne), which is one of the most common types. However, it will still aid with healing the zit swiftly. Plus, you can also wear more honey as opposed to retinol, salicylic acid and the class.

2. Lip hydrator

What’s one God’s truth that’s never changing? The fact that your lips will always yearn (more and more) moisture desperately. So, it’s always a good idea to try new lip balms and salves as well as take the DIY route to see what works best for you. Honey, for once, is worth a shot. Packed with a valuable complex of vitamins (A, C, D and E), honey can soften and protect the lips. It can also soothe chapped, cracked lips in a flash – for real.

3. Moisturising paste for the face

Honey is one of the nicest humectants that your skin can come across. Natural, affordable and very accessible, honey can alleviate dryness and dullness from the skin faster than you think. Its ability to retain moisture within the skin helps it look plumper, smoother, softer and fresher on the outside. Now, of course you cannot use honey directly and stop there. Two methods of using honey as a moisturiser:

A) Mix honey with some facial oil and replace it with your sleeping mask and wake up to glowing soft skin.
B) Apply a generous layer of honey all over your skin and leave it for about 10-15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

4. A sunburn antidote

Trust the anti-inflammatory property of honey to do wonders for your skin in case it’s sunburnt. A commonly-occurring condition during such sweltering summers, sunburns can get painful if not attended in time. So, slather a concoction of honey and aloe that promotes healing, cooling and calming while controlling the redness and inflammation.

5. DIY body scrub

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scrubbing session on a weekend? I surely do. On days when I run out of my scrub or simply wish to go all-DIY, I mix crushed almond, sugar and honey in a 1:1:1 ratio to form a gritty and soft scrub that can slough away dead skin and blackheads from the body, unveiling supple, healthy and rejuvenated skin.

As a rule of thumb, make sure to use raw (unprocessed) honey to derive maximum benefits from it.

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