5 easy ways to depuff your face



Waking up in the morning to a puffy face isn’t the nicest sight.

Facial puffiness can be caused by many reasons, including water retention stress and allergies.

The good thing about this is that it isn’t permanent, and you can get rid of this puffiness on your own. 

Need some help, here are five easy ways to depuff your face

1. Water

The best detoxifier your body needs is a lot of water. And unlike popular assumptions, water doesn’t lead to a bloated face which is in fact caused by dehydration. Dehydration causes blood vessels to enlarge, leading to water retention in the face and causing puffiness. 

Keep your hydration levels up to reduce puffiness. 

2. Massage 

Facial massages are another great way to depuff your face. The slow sweeping movements of a massage encourages lymph flow and drains puffiness from your face

Concentrate on massaging your face downwards to some of the facial nodes in front and behind your hair, around your jawline and down to your collarbone using a moisturiser or facial massage oil.

3. Use a Gua Sha

A gua sha tool is another great way to depuff your face. The gua sha works on the Chinese meridian points and lymphatic drainage system, stimulating blood circulation while removing toxins. It also helps unknot tension in the face and removes blocked fluids. 

4. Cryotherapy

Ice also helps in depuffing the face. Run an ice cube across your face to stimulate blood flow. 

5. Exercise

Cardio and weight training improve blood circulation and opens up the skin’s pores. Exercising combined with the right balanced diet would help you depuff and shed some weight off your face

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