Shimza – “Chris Brown messed things up”


Shimza weighs in on Chris Brown’s success and how he threw himself under the bus.

Over the weekend, the South African DJ said the international star drops good music but messed things up.

Chris Brown makes such dope music, he messed things up,” the DJ wrote.

Shimza’s statement garnered lots of reactions as many understood what he meant, while a few others trolled the DJ.

It is assumed that the DJ is talking about how Chris messed up his career by assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

The DJ further claimed he was the Micheal Jackson of his generation but tainted his career with the hideous deed.

A fan who supported Shimza’s claim wrote, “Always say this ..he could’ve been the greatest ever in his genre if he didn’t do that.”

Check out reactions below:

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