Jesse Clegg celebrates father’s heavenly birthday – “Your spirit is always with us”




Jesse Clegg has taken to his social media to pen down heartfelt messages to celebrate his late father’s birthday.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a photo of them as he thank him for teaching him.

In July 2021, Jesse took celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the passing of his dad.

The star penned down beautiful message to him stating he was a source of comfort and wisdom.

“Today is the 2 year anniversary of my dad’s passing. Its funny how in times like these I would often call him up and get his perspective. He was a source of comfort and wisdom. He would always give me a reality check and remind me to find the humor in all the strange colors and textures of life – no matter how difficult the circumstance.”

Jesse said he is reminded today of his courage, curiosity and honour.

Well, today is his birthday and Jesse has decided to celebrate his heavenly birthday.

He wrote: “Happy birthday dad. Your spirit is always with us. There are different lessons that I draw from you depending on what I’m going through in my life. Today I think of your strength, courage and discipline in the face of challenging moments. Thank you for teaching me how to be strong without losing empathy, and how to face dark moments without losing my faith in the universe. You were a true warrior to the end. Love you always. “Keep on believing tomorrow brings a better day” Cruel Crazy Beautiful World”

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