Lerato Sengadi claps back at Nota following his tweet about single mothers celebrating Father’s Day





Lerato Sengadi went off the line with Nota Baloyi and it seems like this is just the beginning of their brawl.

It all started when Nota took to his Twitter yesterday to share his thoughts about single mothers celebrating Father’s Day.

“Father’s Day is father’s day. Single mother’s cut the BS, you’ve had your day and you choose to be single mothers. It’s not a badge of honour. Just admit defeat that you’re impossible to live with. Men are simple. if you can’t keep one happy shame on you,” he wrote.

It seems like the opinion did not sit well with so many most especially Lerato who decided to blast him.

Reacting to this, Lerato hit back at Nota calling him patriarchal and a misogynist.

“The day Leano is back in my life I could be a single mother. So does your statement apply to women like me too?! Your statement is sexist, patriarchal, laced with disdain and disgust and misogynistic,” she wrote.

The pair continued hurling insults at each other.

See tweet below:

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