5 things to keep in mind while setting up a home in your 20s



Your 20s are all about discovering yourself – what you like, what you’re passionate about, where you would like to build a future, and how you can manage to live independently.

With this shift comes an important decision that every one of this age faces – moving into a new house on their own.

It could be because you’re relocating for a new job, or future education or you’re getting married and want a space of your own.

Whatever the circumstances, emptying your family nest can be exciting and scary at the same time.

Below are few tips for setting up a new house, and a checklist of sorts, to help you:

1. Living room

A new living room really boils down to just choosing the right furniture which is functional and aesthetically appealing. Here’s what you need to complete the living room set-up:

· Coffee table
· Area rug · A couple of mini stools
· Cushions
· TV unit
· Bookshelf or Chest of drawers

2. Kitchen & dining

Setting up your kitchen first thing after moving is one of the best moving hacks because we all end up tired and hungry after the moving process. A quick cup of coffee or the first meal in your house can really uplift your mood. Here’s what you need the most in your new kitchen:

· Plates
· Coffee mugs
· Saucepan
· Rice cooker
· Frying pan
· Strainer
· Ladles
· Salt, sugar, spices and oil
· Storage containers
· Mortar & Pestle
· Rolling pin and board
· Cutlery – spoons, forks, butter knives
· Set of knives
· Kitchen rags
· Towel holder

3. Bedroom

The most important investment your room needs is a quality mattress which will promise you good sleep for a long time. Other than that, your sacred space needs:

· Pillows
· Pillowcases
· Duvets
· Bedspreads
· Night lamp
· Clock
· Curtains
· Bed runner
· Mirror

4. Bathroom

So you’ve just moved in, and we assume it’s been a sweaty and grimy process, with lifting and moving heavy objects. The first place you’d like to hit is the shower – and here are the items which make a well-stocked bathroom:

· Buckets
· Mugs
· Toilet brush
· Bath mats
· Shower curtain (if required)
· Clothes-hanging-hook
· Trash bin
· Toilet paper
· Handwash
· Toothpaste
· Toothbrushes
· Soap/bathing gels
· Shampoo + conditioner
· Towels
· Razors
· Nail-cutters
· Scissors
· Air freshener
· Laundry basket

5. Cleaning essentials

Living with your family almost never required your attention to cleaning supplies required for a house. The most necessary items on this list are:

· Broom
· Mop
· Dustpan
· Disinfectant liquids
· Laundry detergent
· Dishwashing sponges and soap
· Cleaning rags
· Tissues
· Trash bags for your dust bins.

Extras: The remaining things you need in your new house are:

· Welcome doormat

. Shoe rack

· A toolbox or kit for handy repairs

· Clocks

· First aid kit

· Extension cords

· Flashlights

· Spare light bulbs

We hope we’ve managed to cover most of the necessary items, if not all, in this exhaustive checklist of ours, to help you move. Worry not, as your list can gradually increase as you adapt to the daily routine in your new house.