A guide to planning your underwater wedding ceremony



Have you ever considered exchanging vows while surrounded by the glistening waters of a sea? Have you ever dreamed of tying the knot in the pristine depths of the mystical aquatic life?

Yes, we realise it’s the most insane way to meet your fate, but it’s one that happens safely and, more importantly, is unforgettable.

You can also make your dream of getting married underwater a reality. An underwater wedding is exactly what it sounds like: a wedding ceremony held underwater.

This fascinating concept is ideal for couples looking for something different and special.

Here’s everything you need to know about diving into marriage with an unforgettable underwater wedding ceremony.

1. Make sure your partner is on board with you

The first step in realising your dream of having that one-of-a-kind underwater wedding is to persuade your better half, who will most likely be as enthralled by the concept as you are. Make sure you and your spouse are okay with this idea. You should explain to them that having a wedding like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This breath-taking wedding concept is sure to raise the stakes for adventurous couples.

2. Choosing a perfect location

Picking the right dive location is just as important as picking the right land venue. Not every site is as appealing or accommodating as another. Choose a shallow spot with easy access, a flat, sandy bottom, clear water, natural light and generally pleasant conditions. Despite the fact that the seas and oceans are vast and full of possibilities, finding an appropriate location for an underwater wedding will differ depending on where you are in the world.

3. Hiring a scuba diving wedding officiant

You’ll almost certainly need a licenced wedding officiant to conduct the ceremony for a legal wedding. Many local and destination dive shops provide complete wedding packages and have a licenced wedding officiant on staff. You’re good to go if you choose this path.

4. Deciding on what to wear

Some couples chose to wear their gown or suit over a bathing suit or wetsuit. Others prefer to wear only bathing suits or wetsuits, but it is ultimately up to the couple. Just keep in mind that a long dress and heavy fabrics can get in the way underwater, especially if the current is strong. Although, for those who prefer neoprene to silk and satin, white bridal wetsuits are available.

5. Document your special day

Underwater wedding photos are some of the most romantic images available. Hire an experienced underwater photographer to photograph and videotape your ceremony. Imagine your dreamlike ceremony will be photographed by a professional photographer while you are surrounded by enchanting marine life. Imagine saying “I do” under the sea, surrounded by such breath-taking natural beauty!

Keep in mind that underwater weddings are only performed with extreme caution. The couple and their guests will be taught how to swim underwater, and security measures will be in place to keep the possible danger away.