Ayanda Thabethe in trouble as boyfriend’s identity got revealed (Video)


Ayanda Thabethe gets dragged again on social media after her alleged boyfriend surfaced on the internet.

People expressed heightened rage over the past weeks against celebrities who enjoy dating men who are married to other women.

Ayanda who is on vacation with her baby daddy has been flaunting all the luxuries she’s enjoying; from riding in a Bentley and Rolls Royce to popping expensive champagne, to riding on a yacht, and much other fun.

A Twitter gossiper whose name is Musa, dug out the identity of the alleged boyfriend to be Peter Matsimbe, as she celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, 8th of June.

Ayanda Thabethe with her boyfriend Peter Matsimbe celebrating his birthday in Dubai. In this photograph, Peter Matsimbe is seen wearing his wedding ring. Peter is married to Shannen Thring,” Musa captioned the photo shared.

Peter is a drug lord from Swaziland; he is married and has kids with another woman.

Ayanda girl? That behaviour is extremely disgusting. You don’t pop a whole baby for a married man and then have fun with him in Dubai, arrogantly so. What about his wife dude? Her husband is equally wrong. But girl? Come on,” tweep said.

I am going to shame Ayanda Thabethe as a woman I am def clutching my pearls because how dare you do that to another woman even if they are separated but as long as that marriage is still on paper they very much still together & the whole bragging cringe-fest,” an angry tweep wrote.

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