9 ways parents can be a role model to their kids



Perhaps one of the most complicated things about parenthood is becoming a role model for your children.

Without a doubt, when we are parents, we have a pair of eyes on us all day long. It can’t be any other way: children learn from everything we do.

Listed below are 9 ways you could become a role model for your daughters or sons, without any extra effort on your part.

1. Healthy Living

When we eat properly and exercise regularly, not only does it improve our own lives, but it sets the example for our children. Childhood obesity can lead to depression and disease. This is not to say a parent needs to go overboard, but every reputable expert will tell you that moderation is the key in diet as well as exercise. Keep yourself inside the healthy range for where you are in life.

2. Self-Improvement

Apply whatever cliché you choose here, but you certainly can teach old dogs new tricks. Self-improvement should always be on our minds. Try new experiences and broaden your horizons. This teaches our children to never stop growing. There’s always something new to learn in this life. Try to learn something new every day. When thinking about how to be a role model, start with self-improvement.

3. Serving/Volunteering

Make it a regular habit to get out in your community with your family and volunteer your time and talents. This is one of the best ways to build family unity, teamwork skills, and most of all, generous and serving hearts. Teach your kids to meet the needs of others.

4. Open up Your Life

Do not hide who you are as a person to your children. Share your past experiences when it is appropriate—mistakes and victories. Show them that vulnerability is a virtue that comes from a position of strength. Take your children to work with you and let them see your daily life. Status doesn’t mean a thing, but your attitude and your demeanor mean the world.

5. Self-Control

Releasing our emotions, whatever they may be, is healthy and reduces stress. How we go about doing that in front of our children, however, has major consequences. As difficult as it can be, it is essential to practice self-control as much as possible in front of our children. Bite your tongue and control that temper. If need be, take it out in the gym or go for a long run.

6. Right Relationships

We have many important relationships and not all of them are going to be pleasant. Maybe there are issues with your parents, stepparents, brothers, sisters, or ex-wife. Forgive and give grace. Seek to be right in your relationships over being right. Make it as hard as possible for anyone to say anything bad about you. Be an initiator and always take personal responsibility first.

7. Respect and Listening

If you want to teach your kids how to be confident, it starts with showing them respect for who they are and listening to their own unique thoughts. This is a tough aspect of leadership, but the best leaders listen carefully and talk far less. Open your mind and your ears to what your children are telling you. They will, in turn, learn to do the same later in life.

8. Positive Attitude

There is plenty of negativity to be found in society today. Do not add to the daily chorus your child experiences. Instead, display a positive and reassuring attitude and optimism.

9. Goal Setting

Setting goals is important to give us a benchmark of where we are going and the progress we are making. Implementing and achieving those goals are of equal importance. When our kids see us moving along exactly according to plan, it shows them the importance of organization and self-discipline. Help them come up with their own set of goals and praise them when the goals are met.