Lerato Sengadi remembers her late husband, HHP


Lerato Sengadi remembers her late husband Jabulani “Jabba” Tsambo, better known as HHP on Father’s day.

The rapper died to suicide in 2018 and he left behind his family members, a son and Lerato.

The socialite shared a photo of the late icon alongside his son and penned down a sweet father’s day note to him.

“See you soon Leano. (This was one of my all-time fave shoots I worked on le Motho. I had so many pieces custom-made in such a short time. I wanted a visual story. And I have slight OCD when it comes to attention to detail in visuals. And the team we did this with was super dope. Just look at The Lion & his Cub! Picture Perfect!”

HHP’s family and Lerato are still fighting legally as the family didn’t recognize her as a makoti to their son after his passing.

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