Somizi Mhlongo shares his thoughts on Beyonce’s new album



Somizi Mhlongo has shared his thoughts on Beyoncé’s latest single.

Beyoncé got many of her fans talking after she dropped her song titled, ‘Break My Soul’

Somizi on the other hand says he is not feeling it.

Taking to his Instagram timeline, Somizi shared his opinion about the song.

He said he listened to the track twice with an artistic ear but wasn’t blown away.

“Then Beyoncé came and I was like no, this is not it. I wasn’t feeling it, but I gave it another chance and played it for the second time. It felt different and again what I picked up from this song was that it is not much of a great song, because for me, a hit most of the time catches you immediately, but sometimes other hits grow on you.

He said this was uncharted territory for him and Bey.

“I was like I’ve been here with Beyoncé where she releases a song and I don’t like it, but I know where her power and strength is. Beyoncé is not the type of vocalist that would catch you based on her vocals. If Beyoncé was not a visual artist I don’t think she would be as successful as she is.”

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