Weight loss: 5 effective ways to suppress appetite naturally



Most weight loss methods are based on calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than one consumes. This leads to eventual fat and weight loss.

Other methods that help burn fat such as exercising focus largely on calorie expenditure, but half of the puzzle that focuses on calorie intake is where our appetite and diet comes into consideration.

Here are a few ways through which one can suppress their appetite and reduce the calorie intake naturally.

1. Increase protein intake

Protein usually takes longer to digest which is why consuming more protein in a diet can help curb hunger and suppress the appetite. One can always choose to replace extra carbs or fats with protein as it will reduce the hunger hormone and boost metabolism. Protein helps in feeling fuller for a longer period reducing the cravings. With an increase of protein in calorie deficit, one can also increase muscle mass and strength which is difficult to do in most calorie deficit diets.

Apart from this, protein is proven to be beneficial for bones and lowering the blood pressure levels. Some protein foods that can be included in the diet are egg whites, lean meat, fish, beans, peas, tofu, kidney beans and quinoa.

2. Consume fibre in adequate quantity

Fibre in appropriate quantities works as a natural appetite suppressant. It can help reduce calorie intake and eventually lose weight. It regulates hormones involved in appetite control and increases the production of hormones such as cholecystokinin that helps make one feel fuller. Fibre slows down the speed through which the food moves in the gut. It also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Some food items that are rich in fibre and can help make you feel full for longer are oats, Brown rice, carrots, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, popcorn, chia seeds.

3. Portion size

It is important to identify the portion size that makes you feel full and satisfies the nutrition needs. It’s crucial for an individual to identify the difference between hunger and psychological hunger. Eating a nutritious and healthy meal at once instead of restricting helps reduce hunger as well as the calorie intake.

4. Eat slowly

Eating your meal slowly with concentration helps suppress hunger. After a meal, the gut suppresses a hormone called ghrelin which is responsible for controlling hunger and releasing fullness hormones. These hormones are supposed to send signals to the brain indicating that your body is full. Eating slowly also makes you chew your food for longer which makes digestion easier.

5. Increase water intake

Water is the best natural appetite suppressant as it comes with only benefits and no side effects. Apart from keeping an individual hydrated, it also helps in reducing hunger and appetite. It is known that the stomach sends signals to the brain indicating that it’s full which reduces the cravings and suppresses the appetite. Drinking plenty of water every hour or at least before every meal will fill up the majority of space in the stomach, sending signals to the brain and making one feel fuller fast. According to the studies, 2 cups of water before each meal helps curb the appetite.

Since there are zero calories in water. One can have water in different ways. For example, squishing a lemon in the water can be a great start for the day. Green tea is a perfect evening snack. Ginger and jeera water could be a great post dinner drink. Black Coffee does not top the list but is one way an individual can boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

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