5 essentials every female traveler must carry



Women are at the forefront of society today. They have discovered how to live life on their terms and be unrepentant.

And now, especially among younger generations, women travelling alone is becoming more and more common.

Traveling is a terrific opportunity for many women to experience freedom and discover new places.

Many women enjoy travelling alone because it gives them the chance to learn about themselves and feel empowered.

However, preparing for a trip might occasionally seem like a challenging undertaking.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 critical & lightweight travel basics for women because you’ll want to bring along items that will last and perform to make your journey a breeze.

1. A solid backpack

Traveling can be made simpler with the right bag. Compared to a suitcase, a backpack can fit in far more places. You’ll have flexibility, which is one of the most crucial things when travelling, if you use a backpack. Without having to worry about how to carry your belongings, you can opt to travel to Himachal Pradesh, where you can go hiking or go on a city trip to Goa.

2. Sanitary essentials

When you are outside, convenience and hygiene are crucial for anything from peeing to looking after your skin. Additionally, periods can come on silently! You must bring some painkillers, additional sanitary napkins, or a menstruation cup, as well as a personal hygiene wash. Regardless of whether you are travelling or not, maintaining the good hygiene of your intimate parts is important.

3. Snacks for the journey

One must bring enough food with them on their travels to prevent mood swings and hunger problems. For women travelling, food is a need. You can often carry a snack box that contains dry cakes, chocolates, Nutella, Yogabars, homemade roasted rice flakes with peanuts, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds.

4. Portable phone charger

The battery life of your smartphone will decrease if you take a lot of images and use Google Maps frequently. Without your phone, you will be absolutely lost. Therefore, we firmly advise you to purchase a cute tiny power bank with a large battery capacity. Staying connected when travelling is made much easier with a power bank.

5. Pepper- spray

When you need it most, pepper spray is highly helpful and can save the day. A pepper spray can save your life if you feel like you’re being followed, robbed, or that someone is trying to hurt you physically. This weapon works best when you’re on the move, especially in case of an emergency. It’s a self-defense item that women use frequently.

These are our top recommendations for must-pack things for your upcoming trip.

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