5 practical things to say to end a long-distance relationship



While everyone loves being in love, exiting a relationship can be harder than it is to fall in love.

And if you thought break ups were easy, then you’ve probably never had to consider breaking the heart of someone you loved via text or email because you were in a long-distance relationship.

Nevertheless, relationships often end, so take a look at some practical things to say to end a long-distance relationship on a good note.

When you wish to initiate a tough conversation: “Could we make the time for a phone call tonight at nine? There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while that we should about.

Reasons for the break up: Since you would need to tell them why you wish to end things with them, you can say things like-

  1. “The distance between us feels like too much. I can’t handle the pain of being apart any longer.”
  2. “Our schedules don’t match due to the time difference between our countries. I can’t deal with an intercontinental love and not speaking to you enough.”
  3. “I wish we could be around each other more, but the constant air travel and road trips to see you every other month are disrupting my college life and finances. I wish this could have been easier.”
  4. “I can’t imagine being with a better person. You are everything I thought I needed- but our paths aren’t the same geographically, which is a problem.”
  5. “We had said we’d reassess our relationship once the future was more certain, and I see now that we aren’t planning to be in the same city in the next 5 years. This can be a problem, as I’d rather date someone I can see every week. Sadly, our relationship isn’t going anywhere.”

Lastly, give them a hint that it’s bad news: The worst thing you can do heading into this call is let them think you want to move forward in the relationship. So let them know its bad news by using the universal phrase for breakups. Drop a phrase like “We need to talk” so you can help them manage their expectations.

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