6 awesome s*x positions for people with low stamina



Spooning is another amazing sex position for those who are exhausted or have a low stamina for trying crazy positions. It is very easy.

Keep your back to your partner and adjust yourself in a way that he can enter you easily.

A little angle adjustment will take a minute and then all you have to do is snuggle and catch a momentum that suits you both.

Here are some sex positions if you are feeling lazy

There are many sex positions that you can try when you are fit and have an amazing stamina. But what about those who have low stamina, feel exhausted but are still in the mood to do it? Worry not! We would like to bring to your attention 6 sex positions that are awesome for people who have a low stamina.

1. Lean back

In this, all you have to do is lean back with your legs apart. The giving partner then has to do the job. This would be the laziest position of all and best when the receiving partner is tired or exhausted but still wants to do it.

2. The linguine

In this position, you have to lie on your side and your giving partner has to kneel and be right behind your back. He can lean over and wedge in a knee between your legs for entering. He can then hold your back for balance and penetrate accordingly.

3. Ying Yang

In this position, the giving partner has to lie on his side. You too lie on your side while facing him but more like in a 69 position. Next, bring up your knees to your chest and then wrap your legs over his thighs. Entwine your arms in a way that he can penetrate you.

4. The “T” position

In this position, make your giving partner face you while lying down. Lie down on your back and in a T shape, perpendicular to him. Drape your legs over his hips and position yourself properly so that penetration gets easier for him. Enjoy the ride … literally!

5. The toad

This sex position is a variation of missionary. You lie back when your partner enters you and then you accordingly wrap your legs around his back.


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