Sjava reveals the inspiration behind using sign language in his Umcebo music video





Sjava has opened up on the reason why he uses sign language in his Umcebo music video.

The star explained himself during an interview with King David.

Sjava revealed that he wanted to share his music with everyone, including those who couldn’t hear it and yes, it seems like he has succeeded.

Revealing the inspiration for sign language, the rapper said he realized that most people miss out on what he says in his songs.

Sjava mentioned that the woman he was dating back then inspired him into sign language hence he chose to use it in his music video for Umcebo.

“I felt like people there is so much that they miss out on in terms of what I’m saying,” he said. “I had a girl who is deaf and trusts me there was a sound system she had all the CDs if you play music, and from the vibration that’s where they catch on the beat”

Sjava further mentioned that she could comprehend what was going on but she couldn’t hear what was being said.

“She could she see, but she couldn’t hear what the other person is saying.” Said Sjava. The Umama shared that his experience with his deaf ex-girlfriend made him realize that there are people who also deserve to hear his stories through music.

“That’s when I realised the importance that there is a community out there that really deserves to hear these stories, that deserves to hear these messages, he said. “I got in touch with sis Fortune, and I said this is the idea that I have then she said no problem, she came through you know and she does that most of the time, sometimes when I’m performing she really translates,” Sjava said.

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