Enyobeni Tavern: Chemical poisoning confirmed as cause of death


The 21 teenagers who died over the weekend at Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, Eastern Cape are said to have inhaled an unidentified chemical, which led to their demise.

According to eNCA, the teenagers died due to chemical poisoning, and it was said that assumptions that the teens died because of generator fumes are untrue.

Provincial community safety spokesperson Unathi Binqose said: “The postmortems have not been concluded. We will give a public account the moment the results come out. We have to tell the public what really led to the deaths of these 21 young lives.

“This will not be kept a secret. Families will be told what happened as soon as we have all the results of samples taken from the bodies. Our plea is for the media and the public to give the experts space to do their work.”

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