7 things every woman secretly desire from her man



Finding your partner is no easy task.

Women and men tend to have completely different views when it comes to their relationships, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t agree on certain aspects.

When it comes down to the little things that make a relationship fulfilling in a woman’s eyes, most women out there find they want the same thing the next one does.

Every girl looks up to be valued, appreciated, and loved by her partner. They want a man who fits their ideology of a perfect partner.

Whether you are looking for ways to make your girl smile a little more often or make her fall in love with you all over again, knowing what she cherishes will surely stand you in good stead.

So, consider these 7 things that every woman happens to look for in her Mr. Right.

1. Appreciates you for who you are 

Girls are on the lookout for guys who appreciate everything about them. If she went out of her way to cook a special meal for an occasion, she wants her significant other to take it in and appreciate it. It’s so important for her that he appreciates the little things she does, even more than the big things. If you wear a special dress your guy likes, you want him to compliment you, right? Of course, you do. After all, you seem to be wearing it because you know he likes it.

2. Makes you feel secure

Every girl out there wants to feel secure, and not just in a physical sense. Of course, she wants her man to be strong and be able to tackle a guy if he tries to harm her, but there’s so much more to it. She also wants a partner who makes her emotionally secure, with whom she feels safe. Such a form of security can be hard to find sometimes, but when you do, it’s definitely worth holding onto.

3. Give you his time 

Every girl wants to spend quality time with her guy. And there can be nothing more dilapidating when she feels like she’s not getting any from him. Many of you know the drill. The man is too busy attending office errands or on the phone making calls or sending texts to pay much attention to the girl he has right in front of him. Girls prefer someone who will commit to them, who will be there through thick and thin, through the easy times and the rough times, someone whose biggest dream is to stay with her forever.

4. Makes you laugh often 

There’s nothing like an amusing guy who can make your day. When you’re feeling low or upset because your boss yelled at you, or because you gained a few kilos over that long weekend getaway, a funny guy can instantly cheer you up with a few choice words. He doesn’t have to be a comedian for this to work; he just needs to be able to laugh at himself and with you to let the magic happen.

5. Respects you 

Respect goes a long way in making a relationship work, but when it’s not there it can totally ruin it in a jiffy. You desire a guy who respects what you do with your life and how you want to live it. He should respect your job and the goals you are actively trying to achieve. He should also respect you enough to not be fiddling on the phone while the two of you are together on a date, or bring up past hook-ups you are in no mood to hear about.

6. Shows interest in your hobbies  

While he might hate watching Netflix or dislike making soaps with you, it means the world to you when he does one of the two because he knows how important they are to you. Being in a relationship most times implies compromises, and if you’re willing to put in your weight, then he should be, too. And who knows, he might even end up liking something new he tries – like learning a new language. Girls want someone who will support all of their wild dreams; someone who will encourage them to follow their hearts and remind them that they have what it takes to make it.

7. Pampers you from time to time 

Girls love being pampered by their better halves. Buy her a branded luxury watch, take her out shopping, ask her how her day went, give her a backrub when she is dealing with those awful period cramps or simply cook something special for her. These acts of love will mean the world to her.

No matter what you look for in a guy first, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that being attractive, confident, light-hearted, and easy to talk to ranks high on the checklist. You can use some of these traits to make a woman fall in love with you!

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