4 harsh relationship lessons your therapist won’t tell you on your face



Therapists help clients to develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness and cope with various life challenges for a better quality of life.

Counsellors help people who are emotionally disturbed and provide them with treatment and cure them with rehabilitation.

The main cause of emotional stress is bitterness in relationships, for this we want to consult a therapist but, these therapists are not always open about the harsh truths of life.

1. The sooner you accept the failure in your relationship, the better it is

None of the therapists will tell you that to be honest with yourself comes first, the rightness or wrongness, or action or inaction, comes second. If you have a failed relationship the earlier you accept it, it’s always better for you. There is no need to prolong a relationship which is unhealthy. Failed relationships just lead to anxiety, depression and other mental issues.

2. If the relationship is difficult in the beginning, it’s not going to work easily in future

A therapist cannot be straightforward or too honest with the patients as there is a risk of getting hurt by the patient and the mental state might worsen. Therefore the therapist will never be open about breaking up a relationship or telling you that if it is not working in the initial stages then it will not be easy to pull on for years.

3. Your heartbreak is not uncommon, it is quite ordinary

Many people romanticise heartbreak, when there is very little romance left in it. Counsellors refrain from telling that heartbreaks are common as it will negatively impact the psyche of the patient. The therapist always tries to give time to the patient till the patient is ready to accept a failed relationship. Finding someone who loves and accepts you is an amazing experience but self-love is eternal.

4. Your physical transformation will never fix a broken relationship

Out of insecurity you change your hairstyle, your face, your job, your city etc. thinking that all these efforts might heal your wounds or fix the damage which has been done to your heart. Your therapist will never reveal that the above changes are transitory and can never be helpful in the long run. To permanently get the problem healed it’s important to become stronger from within.

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