3 body language cues that tell you someone dislikes you



We are often in spaces where people’s opinion matters to us.

You want to make a good impression and want to know that the other individual likes you; be it in your workplace or among your relatives being able to discern whether or not someone’s likes you can be a valuable skill.

Intriguingly enough, the person’s body language says it all. So, whether you’re on a date or at a meeting, watch out for these tell-tale signs that tell you they have no love for you.

1. They position their feet and toes away from you

One of the first things you must do is slyly glance at their feet. If they are pointing away from you then it could mean that they do not like you. This usually happens when the person is not intrigued by your debate and therefore, they are drawn away from us. In fact, they might position their toes toward entities in the area who they would like to have a chat with or even point towards the way out of the space.

2. They make too much eye contact to overcompensate

A lot of people believe that those who do not like them will not make eye contact with them. However, the opposite is true in many cases because people make extra eye contact with someone, they aren’t interested in. They do this to over compensate so that the individual who they do not like will not notice that they are displeased at having to talk to them.

3. They frequently look at their watch

When you are in conversation with a person or are sitting next to them, if you see that they are frequently checking the watch or glancing at the clock in the room to know the time, then it probably means that they are waiting to leave this space so they do not have to suffer through talking to you. This can indicate that they do not enjoy talking to you and are looking for a hasty exit.

Armed with your power of perception, you may now look beyond phony grins to discern how people truly feel about you.

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