“I am grateful for life” – Zikhona Sodlaka celebrates 37th birthday




Zikhona Sodlaka has taken to her social media to pen down beautiful message to herself as she turns 37 today.

The star shared a photo of herself stating she is grateful for life, and friendships new and old.

Zikhona said she is fortunate to have what she has and counted herself lucky for blessings both big and small.

She also said she is looking forward to another 73years of her life.

Zikhona wrote: “07.06.2022. Welcoming 37. I am grateful for life, and friendships new and old. I’m fortunate to have what I have and count myself lucky for blessings big and small. I’m fortunate for what I have. I’m grateful for what I have. I live in full expression of Love. Thank you, God. Here’s to another 73 years of life 🥂⭐️”

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